Our Mission

To successfully inspire, motivate, educate, and train each individual student in order to develop superior design and technical skills, strong work habits, and the ability to succeed in the cosmetology industry.

Our goal is to prepare each student with the required knowledge and skills to pass the Utah State exam for licensing. In addition, to help the student attain personal fulfillment and financial security through a successful career in Cosmetology.

Sherman Kendall Academy offers more than the basic knolwedge and skills required to pass the state licensing exam. Students receive a robust and multi-dimensional job-training program that enhances students’ ability to succeed in a competitive and rewarding industry. Students are encouraged to embrace every training opportunity and experience offered.

Core Values

  • Students are our number #1 priority. Students are our customer.
  • Integrity and professionalism are necessary to create an exceptional learning experience and set the example for our students.
  • Mutual respect between the student and staff is paramount to our success.
  • Fairness, honesty and consistency foster a positive learning environment.
  • Each and every student and staff member possess unique gifts and abilities to be recognized and developed.
  • Teaching our students to take personal responsibility for their education, attendance and attitude is a primary part of their learning experience.

                    We are committed to these values!

Our Team

Students choose Sherman Kendall Academy because of our solid Cosmetology/Barbering curriculum.  Upon enrolling, students find that the instructors at SKA are highly-trained and educated professionals.  We have over 85 years of experience in business, adult education, and cosmetology.  All of our instructors hold current Cosmetology/Barbering licenses as well as Cosmetology Instructor licenses issued by the State of Utah.

Jennifer Enniss Haynes

Owner/Director of Education/
Scruples Educator

Jennifer (aka the ColorQueen) has over 15 years experience in the cosmetology/barbering field.  She has taught adults for the last 10 years.  She is a certified Scruples Educator and attends the national training every year as well as color and products workshops throughout the year.  Jennifer is a SKA alumni.

Julie Gay

Owner/Director of
Business Operations

Julie (aka the ProductivityBee) has over 30 years experience in adult education and curriculum development, and over 15 years experience in business consulting and systems efficiency.  Julie has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Human Resources, and a Master of Science degree in Information Systems.  She is a certified web designer/developer.  Julie is a Utah State University alum.

Kristina Bell

Financial Aid Rep/Theory Instructor

Kristina (aka the VintageVixen) graduated from one of the first cosmetology schools in Salt Lake City (Continental College of Beauty) in 1985.  She has over 33 years of experience in cosmetology/barbering.  Kristina has a passion for classroom education and the science behind the look.  She loves vintage hair styles.  Because she loves the details, she is also our financial aid rep.  She is a SKA alumni.

Kylee Lanoy

Lead Floor Instructor

Kylee (aka the BalayageBabe) has over 5 years of experience in Cosmetology/Barbering.  Inspired by her brother (another SKA alumni), Kylee went on to work in a high-end salon.  She then returned to SKA to share her knowledge and skills with students.  She loves conducting small groups classes on advanced color techniques.  Color is her thing, and she is pretty fabulous with pair of shears.  She is a SKA alumni.

Courtni Smith

Floor and Theory Instructor

Courtni (aka the MotherCutter) has over 6 years of experience in Cosmetology/Barbering.  She has had industry training in advanced hair cutting techniques.  And she is great with color too!  Courtni loves teaching and seeing the concepts "click" with students. She is a SKA alumni.

Ronda Parker

Floor and Theory Instructor

Ronda (aka the LadyLightening) is our night instructor. She wears many hats and can do it all.  She has had advanced Scruples Color Training and plans to become a Scruples educator this year.  She is a SKA alumni.