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Student Testimonials


  • “Sherman Kendall Academy was a very positive experience for me. After graduation, I obtained a job working in a salon. Thanks to my education and extensive practice in styling foundations, I am currently assisting one of the industry’s leading educators and session stylists. We get to work on models, clients, and hair shows all over the country. He has made it very clear that if I had not been so practiced in foundations (pin curls, finger waves, sets, roller positioning, blowout techniques, body mechanics, etc.), there would be no way I could handle this job. Thanks to the instructors at Sherman Kendall Academy, At SKA, The instructors were very helpful and informative. When it came time to take my state boards, the teachers made sure that I had everything I needed and that I was certain I would pass. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is serious about their education and career in the beauty industry.”

    Kadey Baird
  • “When I first started school at Sherman Kendall Academy, with my punk rock background (playing with hair for years), I thought I knew enough about hair. Now as a Sherman Kendall graduate, I look back and realize there wasn’t a second that I wasn’t learning something new. Getting to know the industry and its constant growth, you never know it all, but the Academy was always teaching the latest and newest techniques and vision. With a variety of teachers, their talents and expertise, I was exposed to different approaches for each client that really broadened my minds and abilities. Even my peers shared their talents, and everyone grew and developed together. There was always the opportunity for a challenge and to express my creativity for amazing results! Now as a salon owner, I think of my journey to get where I am today and appreciate the team at Sherman Kendall Academy that helped me achieve my dream."

    Amber Kosmas
  • “What I take away from SKA far surpasses the ability to cut hair. I have learned so much throughout my time here. But the greatest lesson learned has been to believe in myself and to understand that I choose my own destiny. This only came after someone at SKA believed in me. The Instructors are more than teachers. Our success is their greatest accomplishment and everything we become is a reflection of them. Without each of them, I would be nothing and words can’t describe how grateful I am to have known each of them. I truly have been changed for good.”
    Adrian Diaz